14 Jan

Expo Shanghai, Greenhaviour car has arrived. Mission accomplished: safe, sound…and sensed

by Nicola Palmarini, EMEA Human Centric Solutions Center Manager, IBM.

The trip is over: after more than 3 months on the road facing the wilderness elements from the roof of the Viac challenge expedition orange car, we arrived to the planned destination: China. « The mission has been accomplished » as someone would say. We prefer to say : what a wonderful adventure, what a great way to use something we use everyday as twitter and a smartphone in a slightly different way.

Well, let us say we are really proud of this. If we made it is because of you who followed us via this blog and Twitter, to Edward, Bharat, Andrea, Marc, Alberto at IBM Italy, France, Uk, the people at the IBM Software Group Marketing Italy, Michael and everyone at Sensaris, the people at Overland with special thanks to Beppe, his son Filippo and our « agent » Andressa, and obviously to the outstanding team of the Viac with a special thanks to Pier Paolo and Isabella not to mention His Majesty Professor Broggi.

But to us this is just the beginning. Now is time to analyze data, perfomance, the (many) good things and the (few) bad ones. But before get in depth in the next days through the meaning of it all, we can start sharing with you some early points.

We can do it !

From a crazy idea in the hot Parma sourroundings at the end of may to Shanghai….well it is possible. And it worked. So the answer to our main question: « is it possible to monitor the enviroment using « on the shelf » devices » , is YES!

Internet of things? Delivered

The key aspect of the “Internet of Things” is to put computing power into things like cars, appliances, roads, power-grids, clothes – and why not people!?  The Viac challenge is living proof that we can put intelligence into cars and the Greenhaviour project is the living proof that “intelligence” is a big word that contains different meanings. If we could apply the Greenhaviour project paradigm to a whole community we could anaylse the results in all sorts of different ways to truly visualise the environment that people live in. So, what do you are waiting for?

IPP+Twitter+Android, what else?

The IBM intelligent pervasive platform base on Websphere Application Server and DB2 we put back to the Android operating system and the Nexus 1 kept the promise: the system was super reliable, tough, efficient. This is not an ad, but we can be very good testimonials, trust us. And Twitter is the channel that put it all toghether.
GPS: the B2C alternative
The vehicles were equipped with a very sophisticated marine-origin GPS system. But our Android native one was there to prove is reliability and accuracy even compared with hi-tech stuffs. And it proved it’s utility to the expedition when needed.

Curious about the trip? A little foreword for your eyes only.
A nice place where to spend your next holidays? Well, near L’viv in Ukraine: we spotted there the lowest co2 value all over Europe and Asia.

While if you want to really start coughing you can go to Novi Sad: the highest value from Rome to Shanghai.

How many records on such a trip? If you like numbers we measured more than 14,000 variations in Co2 value. What a sniffer!

So let me say welcome to Shanghai Greenhaviour and thanks you all that followed us up to here. Stay with us in the next day…more info and news to come, live from China.



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