02 Oct

VisLab + Overland + IBM: the Intercontinental Challenge has started!

A long journey from Italy to China begins today from Belgrade. We call it the Intercontinental Challenge, a challenge to see how the interactions between human beings and cars can contribute to save human lives and give information on our carbon footprint and environmental parameters. The vehicles travelling from Milan to Shanghai will in fact hosting CO2 sensors to increment their sensing capabilities and provide data on air pollution in real time.

Why this project? Every year 40.000 people die on European roads. VisLab, the spinoff company of the University of Parma lead, has been developing driver assistance systems that, once installed onboard of vehicle, will warn the driver or even take control of the vehicle in case of danger, ultimately improving road safety and reduce car accidents. Such systems need a thorough and long testing. With this intercontinental drive, VisLab aims at collecting a unique database of many different situations (traffic, infrastructure, weather, other road users’ behavior…) in order to test – and finally improve- their Driver Assistance Systems. About 100 terabytes of data will be acquired during 3 months and along a 13,000 km journey from Italy to China. Follow us on the road, from 20th July to 10th October.

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